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“A mother is the foundation and structure upon whom a child is moulded…
Save the Mother, and you will Save the Children and therefore the future”Dr Zaroon Hussain

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SalAllahu Alayhi Wassallam) in his farewell sermon, addressed the ummah regarding women; He (SalAllahu Alayhi Wassallam) taught us to treat our women well and treat them with kindness. This statement refers to the way in which we should treat our mothers, our wives, our sisters and our daughters both in blood relation AND in HUMANITY!

Save the Mothers’ Trust is charity that focuses primarily on the needs of vunerable women across the world. These can be women who have been orphaned, divorced, widowed or women who are disabled or have disabled family members. We aid many countries in Africa and South Asia incuding Ghana, Burkina Faso, Swaziland and Pakistan. Our goal is to set up maternity hospitals in areas that need them most, as well as giving women and children access to education so that they can become self sufficient.