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Be A Part of Save the Mothers Trust

We can all do our bit to help eradicate poverty. As an individual or organisation, in a big way or small way, you can help us to help the needy.

Whether it’s signing up to the mailing list to stay informed, finding about ways you can help us or getting your organisation or business to help, if you have the enthusiasm we have the ideas.

Volunteers form a cornerstone of Save the Mothers Trust and are fundamental to the work of the organisation. 

SMT values its volunteers and their willingness and enthusiasm to donate the most precious of resources, namely, their time. As such we are able to provide a whole gamut of volunteering opportunities and experiences based on volunteers’ interests, desires and skills.

We are committed to making the volunteering experience a truly reciprocal one and work hard to ensure that whilst benefiting from the contribution volunteers make we provide volunteers with a rewarding and beneficial experience of volunteering with us.

Who can Volunteer?

Who can Get Involved?

Individuals and groups from various ethnic groups and all walks of life and units in various trades and industries can participate in the charity as long as they are interested and eager to work for public welfare undertakings and willing to contribute to the society.

What are the tasks and duties?

The main focus of SMT projects is to help as many needy and deprived people across the globe and to make a positive difference in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged. In order for us to continue this essential work the support from volunteers is much relied upon.

Our volunteers will help and support the charity by:

  • Sparing 4hrs each month (minimum requirement)
  • Signing up to our Mailing List
  • Boosting public recognition and involvement in the charity
  • Spreading the word about SMT.
  • Collections from organisations, mosques, events and street collections
  • Promote SMT
  • Organising fundraising events i.e Dinners, Sponsored walks etc
  • Bringing in new innovative ideas

Your contribution and efforts could help save the lives of those vulnerable people we are supporting.

The success of volunteer service in SMT depends on the group as a whole. When the entire team works together, it is more successful. It’s essential to know the missions and tasks of the charity, be familiar with the communication channels and recent projects and to establish good working relationships with co-workers. This will help us strive together to help the poor who need SMT.

Ways in which you can contribute:

Collections at your local mosque

Street collections

Shopping centres


Contact your local mosque committee and organise a collection after the Jumuah salat (Friday Prayer), or any other gathering that will attract significant numbers of people.

Some areas require permits for charitable street collections; contact your local council or police station to find out your local regulations. To collect at private events, speak to the organisers for permission.

Areas that attract high numbers of public, e.g. a popular tourist spot Events that attract an audience, e.g. a football match or a community fair.

Setting up an event will require good organisation skills, and marketing to attract potential customers/donors. Examples: Sporting tournament, Barbecue, Food fair, Jumble/garage sale.

How To Apply?

Step 1: Download the Application Form

Download the application form using here or using the button below.

Step 2: Complete Form

Complete the application form with all your details and tick any sections that apply..

Step 3: Return Form

Return the completed application form to us via email OR to our postal address.

Step 4: SM Trust Review

One of our team members will review your application and get in touch with you.

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