Help Eradicate Jiggers and Restore Dignity to Victims’ Lives

Save The Mothers Trust is committed to eradicating the Jigger menace in Congo.

The infection can lead to severe inflammation, ulceration and fibrosis. It can also cause lymphangitis, gangrene, sepsis, and the loss of toenails, amputation of the digits, and death may also occur.

Our team is leaving to help children and the elderly who are affected by Jigger fleas that are causing fatal diseases and long term issues to feet, arms and hands. Those suffering from extreme poverty are affected by the jigger. They lay eggs that creates up to pea-size egg sacks and continues to multiply by laying more eggs.

These wounds are painful, and cause difficulties for victims in daily activities such as walking, playing, and attending school.
While jiggers can be extremely fatal, secondary infections (gangrene, tetanus and other diseases) caused by jiggers.

The project is going to be handled personally by my self  Qumar Afsar, making sure every penny is spent in the correct place.

My goals are:

  1. Provide a complete Free treatment to every single person by removal of the jigger insect & recovery treatment:
  2. Hire staff members who will deal with remove jiggers from the people who are infected.
  3. Provide the correct tools
  4. marketing of the free treatment available to the poor.
  5. Provide slippers that will protect the children and the elderly from this insect.
  6. Raise awareness on how to defend against these insects
  7. My target to start this project is £5,000

The tickets have been booked and we are aiming to execute our work by the 22nd August 2017.

Your help is urgently needed.

Thank you,


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