Maternity Hospital

Fact: Central government expenditure towards health: UK: 15% Pakistan: 1%

Fact: Skilled nurse present at delivery UK: 99% Pakistan: 20%

SMTs prime objectives are to provide sustained health care services. As part of this initiative, SMT’s long-term plan is to build a fully functional hospital along with subsequent maternity units.

Alhamdulihah in 2005 , with the help of the kind donations of the public SMT was able to purchase the land required for this much needed hospital.

The Land was bought at a cost of £25,000. It is based on an area of 1.7 acres. It is also located near a main road providing easy access during and after construction.

In rural areas of Pakistan and Africa due to the lack of skilled birth attendants, the percentage of deliveries conducted by skilled birth attendants is very low and there is no proper referral system for complicated obstetric cases, resulting in a high maternal mortality ratio in rural areas.

SMT began the construction work on the building of a fully equipped hospital which shall provide treatment for all the people of the province, especially the poor who will be given free medical treatment.

The hospitals main focus will be on the maternity infrastructure of the health services.

The construction of the 1st phase of the hospital was complete in summer 2009 and it specializes in emergency cases, Cataract Operations and OPD and has 10 rooms which include 1 Doctors Room, 2 wards each with 4 beds and Ensuite. 1 Operation Theatre, 1 Pharmacy, 1 Nursing Room, 1 Waiting Room, 1 Administration Office, 1 Public W/C and 1 Storage Room.

The hospital is fully furnished and Air-Conditioned.

The Hospital is located in Haripur city in the Northern West Frontier Province of Pakistan. There are no hospitals for miles in this region of Pakistan and currently there are no charities or organizations that are fully involved in the improvement and development of the lives of these people.

Approximately 246,270 families (1.2 million) will benefit from this project therefore we appeal to you on behalf of all the beneficiaries to contribute by donating generously towards this good cause.

FACT: In every five minutes a mother dies as a result of poor maternity service in Pakistan.
FACT: Pakistan has an annual number of nearly 6 hundred thousand under 5 deaths.

In order to combat this high death rate of babies and mothers, during childbirth, in the rural areas of the NWFP a sum of £250,000 is urgently required to build and equip a maternity unit.

SMT aims to reduce this extraordinary number of deaths by increasing the healthcare facilities. Therefore SMT appeals to you all to contribute by donating generously towards this good cause.

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