“A mother is the foundation and structure upon whom a child is moulded… Save the Mother, and you will Save the children and therefore the future”

Save the Mothers trust is a UK based charity that provides international relief as well as support to those less fortunate in the UK. The trust was formed in 2003 with the aim of aiding those in poverty and hardship to become self-sufficient and independent. Our aim is to work around the world providing emergency relief with long term aftercare, especially in those areas that do not get very much media coverage.

The organisations name reflects our belief that a mother or mother figure is at the core of every family. Therefore if we support the mother at the heart of the unit, we will be helping the future generations to come. One of the primary aims of the organisation is to construct small maternity wards in south Asian and African villages where many women and children die due to the lack of skilled mid-wives being present at the time of delivery. We also give women the opportunity to learn new skills such as sewing – when these skills are developed we provide them with sewing kits so that they can work and launch a business based on their newly developed tailoring skills. This greatly supports households where one income is not enough, it also helps women that are victims of domestic violence to break free and support themselves.

We believe that a good education is the crucial element in becoming self-sufficient, yet sadly in many parts of the world it has become a luxury to those less fortunate. Through the generous support and care of the public, Save the Mothers Trust has provided necessary resources to a number of educational institutes for young children living in South Asian and African regions. Our ‘Educate Ghana’ project has been very successful so far. We have built two schools in Ghana; one in the small village of Pikitu (near lake Volta) and another school in an orphanage located in Obomen, in Kwahu South District. With your help we plan to build as many schools as we can in Ghana so that children can have easy access to education and the means to build their future.

Food, clean water and decent healthcare are all basic necessities and often taken for granted in the first world. However, such basic human needs are not being met for many men, women and children in third world countries where it can make the difference between life and death. The trust has set-up life sustaining projects to provide food packs and clean water to people in need around the world. Save the Mothers Trust has also built a hospital in Pakistan, however these projects are on-going and need constant funding in order to continue operating to save lives. Our Aim is to support countries that do not receive very much media coverage such as Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Pakistan and Ghana.

In the UK we have set up al-Markaz ul-Islami, a hub for the local community in and around Bradford. The project caters for the religious, educational, and social welfare needs of the local Muslim community. The Markaz has a variety of classes available ranging from Arabic Calligraphy to Archery, catering to a diverse age group, as well as offering private tuition and homework clubs for younger members of the community.