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Having a baby should be a time of great joy and hope. But every year across the world approximately 302,950 women die in pregnancy and childbirth. That’s one mother dying every 2 minutes, 830 each day.

Fact: Government Health Expenditure – UK: 9.1% Pakistan: 1.7% Fact: Skilled Nurse Present at delivery – UK: 99% Pakistan: 20%

Another 7-10 million women and girls suffer severe or long lasting illnesses caused by complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries.

These women do not need to suffer and die; most lives could be saved relatively easily.

Pakistan has the fifth highest number of maternal deaths in the world; it is also one of the most dangerous places for a child to be born. 9,000 mothers and approximate 150,000 babies die every year within the first month of birth.

We believe no woman or girl should die giving birth. We want to see a world where every mother, wherever she lives, is able to give birth safely and without fear. We want to stop mothers dying and suffering in pregnancy and childbirth, we want babies to live and be healthy and we want families to thrive.

SMT aims to reduce this extraordinary number of deaths by increasing the healthcare facilities. Therefore we appeal to you all to contribute by donating generously towards this good cause SMTs prime objectives are to provide sustained health care services. As part of this initiative SMT’s long-term plan are to build a fully functional hospitals along with subsequent maternity units in the Third World Countries.

SMT began the construction work on the building of a fully equipped hospital in 2005, which provides treatment for all the people of the province, especially the poor who are given free medical treatment.

The hospitals main focus is on the maternity infrastructure of the health services.

The Hospital is located in Haripur city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. There are no hospitals for miles in this region of Pakistan and currently there are no charities or organizations that are fully involved in the improvement and development of the lives of these people.

The hospital serves approximately 246,270 families (1.2 million people), many of who have already benefited from this project.

The hospital has a central pharmacy that supplies quality medicine, as well as diagnostic and laboratory facilities that offer services to all patients, including those that are admitted and those visiting.

SMT Welfare Hospital has a 24/7 Urgent Care Service for pregnant mothers, women and children. We go to great lengths to ensure our medical care meets international standards and we make patient safety and satisfaction a priority. In addition, we offer our services to patients at subsidized rates. Patients, who cannot pay and meet our eligibility criteria, can receive welfare support, which is in place to ensure that our quality services are accessible to all members of society.

Hospital Block A – currently being used for Outpatient Department, which includes following rooms:

  1. 1. Reception
  2. Laboratory
  3. Thalassemia ward (4 beds)
  4. X-Ray room
  5. Female doctor room (Gynecologist)
  6. Dental clinic
  7. Male doctor room (General physician)
  8. Emergency Room
  9. Washrooms

Hospital Laboratory has the capacity to diagnose most general diseases; the Laboratory is equipped with the latest equipment, which includes:

  • CP Analyzer
  • Chemistry Analyzer
  • Microscope
  • Thermostats Water Bath
  • Blood Bank

In our laboratory we have two qualified lab technicians who perform daily diagnostic tests.


Thalassemia Ward

The Thalassemia Ward Contains four beds for Thalassemia patients. In this ward Blood Transfusion are performed for Thalassemia Patients. Currently 170 patients are registered with the SMT Thalassemia Center.

X-Ray Room

In SMT Welfare Hospital, an X-Ray machine is arranged on a contract basis. We are performing tests at a considerably reduced rate (approximately half the charge) compared to the current market.

Female Doctor Room

This room is serving specifically Gynae patients as well as general female patients. Dr.Mumtaz Baigum is currently serving as the female Doctor in this department. This department is taking care of 35-40 female patients on a daily basis.

Female doctor also performs daily Ultrasound (5-8 patients) for pregnancy cases.


Dental Clinic

The Dental clinic was established in February 2015 and has all the necessary tools and staff that are needed for a good dental service. Dr.Sana Khan (BDMS) and Staff nurse Abid Shah perform the duties in this department. This department is capable of complete check up of dental related issues.

Approximately 300-350 patients are being treated on monthly basis.


Emergency Room

In the Emergency Room accident cases, patients in a critical condition and those needing first aid are managed. For this purpose, the Emergency Room has the Oxygen Concentrator Machine, Suction machine, Nebulizer, Oxygen Cylinders, E.C.G Machine and equipment needed for basic emergency treatment.

This room is also used for treatments involving injections and nebulizers. (Nebulization is a method of converting a medicine or solution into an aerosol, which is inhaled directly into the lungs).


Block-B, has six rooms which are being used for the following purposes.

  • Pharmacy
  • Male Ward
  • Female Ward
  • Staff Room
  • Operation Theater
  • Labor room


The Hospital Pharmacy is a completely computerized Pharmacy where we ensure that all the existing treatment protocol medicines are available for our patients. The pharmacy provides medicine at the following discount policy:

Name Amount
General patients Up to 10%   Discount
Poor and needy patients Up to 100%   Discount
Thalassemic patients 100% Free

Male Ward and Female Ward

Male and female, each having a capacity of ten beds where patients who are suffering from critical disease are admitted for close nursing care.

There is a team of a physician and nursing staff who take care of patients and provide medical care and closely observe the patient’s condition.

The Hospital nursing staff take care of all patients suffering from medical conditions such as; diabetes, hypertension, malaria, pulmonary tuberculosis, meningitis, HIV, poisoning, diarrheal diseases, alcohol intoxication among others.

Upon discharge, patients are given a return date for a follow-up appointment.

Labor Room

We have a team of highly competent, expert and proficient doctors, nurses, and technical staff running the Labor Ward. They aim to provide compassionate care, diagnosis and treatment for expecting mothers, managing labor and delivery, as well as dealing with women health and children health matters (inpatients).

Operation Theater

The Operation Theater and relevant rooms are completed but not currently functioning. In the near future, subject to funds and support Insha’Allah, they will become operational so that we can handle Cesarean Section deliveries and other surgical cases here at SMT Welfare Hospital.


In the General Physicians department there are 4 Medical officers performing their services.

  1. Dr.Farooq Ahmad. (MBBS)
  2. Dr.Muhammad Hassan (MBBS)
  3. Dr.Munsif Khan (MBBS)
  4. Dr.Irfan Qazi (MBBS) Holidays


We have 3 Male and 6 Female nurses who are working in three shift patterns to support the doctors.

The General physician department is open 24/7. Related staff and pharmacy remain busy in providing services round the clock.

At the Hospital approximately 600 patients are being treated on a weekly basis. Patients come with different illnesses such as:

Flu, Cough. Typhoid, Malaria, Kidney Disease, Urinary tract infection, R.T.I (STD) / reproductive tract infections),T.B (Tuberculosis), Hepatitis, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Skin Disease, Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Pneumonia, Back pain, First Aid, Burn cases(First Aid), Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes mellitus, Heat Stroke, Hypertension etc.

Hospital Services include:

  • Outpatient clinic
  • Inpatient care
  • Electrocardiogram (E.C.G)
  • Blood pressure test
  • Nebulization
  • General radiography (X-Ray scans)
  • Dental Clinic
  • Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Gynecology
  • Pharmacy
  • Maternity home
  • Ultrasound
  • Ambulance Service
  • Accident and Emergency Department

Hospital sponsorship

Position One-Off Per Month Per Year
Doctor £250.00 £3,000
Nurse £50.00 £600
Midwife £60.00 £720
Dispenser £50.00 £600
Medicine £10.00 £120
Medical Equipment £10.00 £120
Water Cooler £50.00
Stretcher £100.00
Ambulance £8,000.00
Ward Sponsorship £200.00 £2,400



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