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Zakat is obligatory on every Muslim. It is paid on the net balance after a Muslim has spent on basic necessities, family expenses, due credits, donations and taxes.

Your Zakat

very Muslim male or female who at the end of the Hijri year is in possession of wealth equivalent to 85 grammes of gold (which at present is about £600) or more in cash or articles of trade, must pay his or her zakah at the minimum rate of 2.5%.

What do you pay Zakat on?

Many of us living in the west may not know of anyone in poverty, to pay our Zakat to, therefore the Zakat Project provides an easy, reliable and secure way of doing so. Save the Mothers Trust will ensure your Zakat will be spent on those that need it the most.

People in countries such as Pakistan, Uganda and Ghana (to name a few), do not have access to government funds, decent education or even clean water for that matter. Therefore the vulnerable people (single mothers, widows, the disabled, the elderly etc.) in those communities are left completely to their own devices, Save the Mothers Trust utilises your zakat to help those vulnerable people get access to good healthcare, food, education and other basic necessities.

Zakat Calculator

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gift aid it - make donations go further

With Gift Aid, your donation of £10.00 would be worth £12.50 at no extra cost to you.

For every £1 you donate you can add an extra 25% at no extra cost to yourself through Gift Aid. By selecting ‘Gift Aid’ you confirm that you are a UK Tax Payer, and are eligible to boost your donation by 25%. Like every charity, we have basic operating costs which are an important part of ensuring your donations have maximum impact and reach those in need. We recover these costs through Gift Aid.

Gift Aid Guidance

In order for Save the Mothers trust to reclaim the tax you have paid on your donations, you must have paid income or capital gains tax (in the UK) equal to the tax that will be claimed by all the charities that you donate to (currently 25p for every £1 you give) in the same tax year.

The tax reclaimed will be used to help fund the administration costs of the charity so more of your actual donation can go directly to those in need.

Gift Aid can be added to your donation if you are donating your own money. We regret that Gift Aid cannot be reclaimed if you are paying donations you collected from others, even if everyone was a UK taxpayer. Neither can it be reclaimed on donations made by companies. Other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. Gift Aid can not be claimed on payments for any ticketed events.

Please notify us if you are no longer eligible, wish to cancel this declaration, change your name or home address or if you no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and / or capital gains.

By ticking the gift aid it box you agree that you are eligible to claim Gift Aid as explained above and that we can treat this donation, any donations made in the last 4 years and future donations as Gift Aid and that you understand that if you pay less Income Tax and / or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations in that tax year it is your responsibility to pay any difference.


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