Pakistan Floods
Urgent Donations Needed

A total of 90 people have died in rain-related incidents across Pakistan since Sunday, the country’s national disaster management agency said. While heavy rain has lashed many parts of Pakistan, the southern port city of Karachi has been the hardest hit, with streets flooded with sewage water.

At least 70 people are dead and dozens are injured from flooding after heavy seasonal rains drenched northern and eastern Afghanistan, while 90 have died amid similarly devastating weather in neighbouring Pakistan.

In Afghanistan, the number of victims is expected to rise as rescue teams try and locate people buried under destroyed homes, according to a spokeswoman for northern Parwan province.

Wahida Shahkar said at least 66 people had been killed and 90 were injured in her province alone.
Several children are among the dead and some of those who are injured are in a critical condition, the head of the provincial hospital, Abdul Qasim Sangin, said.

Flooding began in the central part of the province overnight following heavy rains and destroyed many homes.
Meanwhile, in neighbouring Pakistan, the military said it would deploy rescue helicopters to the city of Karachi to transport some 200 families to safety after canal waters flooded the city during monsoon rains.

Many cities across Pakistan struggle to cope with the annual monsoon deluge, which draws criticism about poor planning.


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