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Qurbani is an act of Ibadah and a Sunnah of the Prophet Ibrahim. It follows the story of the father and son prophets of Allah and serves as means of education and inspiration to Muslims throughout the world.

One night the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) had a dream that Allah had ordered him to sacrifice his dearly beloved son Isma’il (AS). Given his unflinching belief and sheer devotion to Allah (SWT), Ibrahim (AS) agreed to give up his dearly beloved son in the way of Allah (SWT).

This was the ultimate test for Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and in going ahead with what he was commanded to do, the Prophet (AS) showed that he was prepared to put Allah’s command before his own beloved child. Allah (SWT) rewarded the Prophet (AS) for his devotion by replacing Isma’il with a Ram.

Muslims have been instructed by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to continue the practice of sacrifice, and on the tenth day of the holy month Dhul-Hijjah they sacrifice an animal for the sake of Allah (SWT). This sacrifice (known as Qurbani) is obligatory on every Muslim adult that can afford to perform it.

Why should you complete your Qurbani with us?

The Qurbani project carried out by Save the Mothers Trust is not like the traditional programme that is practiced by other charities. Save the Mothers Trust will give one animal to a few families five or six days before the sacrifice. The families then care for the animal as if they had brought the animal themselves for sacrifice.

The children are allowed to interact with these animals; the buffalo and cows are taken to graze and the sheep/rams are played with. The families then bring these animals to a communal area on the day of Eid for sacrifice.

Save the Mothers Trust believe this method of Qurbani is more enjoyable and fun for those families. Save the Mothers Trust aims to send animal distribution to vulnerable women across Asia and Africa including widows, single mothers, divorcees and the elderly.

We also distribute the meat to people in Pakistan who only live on an average of 7 rupees per month, which is equivalent to less than 5p a month!

The cost of a Qurbani changes from year to year depending on the cost of meat. Our prices for 2017 start from as little as £50.


Mali – £85.00
Burkina Faso – £85.00
Ivory Coast – £85.00
Uganda – £85.00
Tanzania – £50.00
Kenya – £50.00

Full Cow
Mali – £350.00
Burkina Faso – £350.00
Ivory Coast – £350.00
Uganda – £350.00

Cattle 1/7 Part
Mali – £50.00
Burkina Faso – £50.00
Ivory Coast – £50.00
Uganda – £50.00


Pakistan – £140.00
Kashmir – £140.00

Full Cow
Pakistan – £450.00
Kashmir – £385.00

Cattle 1/7 Part
Pakistan – £65.00
Kashmir – £55.00


Syria – £185.00

Full Cow
Syria – N/A

Cattle 1/7 Part
Syria – N/A

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