Who are Ahl-ul-baith?

Ah-ul-baith are the descendants of the prophets Muhammad (Pbuh) family.

Which heart will not have respect for the family of the Prophet(pbuh)?

Every believing Muslim respects them dearly. You will know that Islam has commanded to pay zakat and charity for the help of the poor and helpless people of the whole world (poor, Orphans, Widows etc.) and there was khums fund in the time of the Prophet (pbuh) for the help of the family of the Prophet (pbuh), as Zakat and other charity is forbidden for them. However, there is no longer such a fund this day and age.

In spite of great respect and reverence for these people will the Muslim nation continue to turn a blind eye to them in such a state where there is no fund for them and no concern for there support? Is there satisfaction at mere verbal profession of love and respect for the Prophets (pbuh) family with no concern of their widows, or for the marriage of there young women, and no arrangements for the success of their infirm nor concern for the orphans.


After all, from where can these people eat, drink and clothe themselves as zakat and sadaqaat wajiba is forbidden for them? Have you ever thought about this?

How SMT intents to help them?

The fact is that all these group of people, (the poor, widows, orphans and infirm) are also found in the family of the Prophet (pbuh). Give them the right to live their lives also. Come, be their support. Be the support of the orphans, widows, infirm and the helpless people from the family of the Prophet (pbuh) by donating to save the mother’s trust’s special gift fund for this purpose, the Ah-ul-baith fund

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