Our Primary Mission...

is to help everyone and bring them a better life.

For over a decade

We have been saving lives and helped over 10,000 people

One of the primary aims of the organisation is to construct small maternity wards in south Asian and African villages where many women and children die due to the lack of skilled mid-wives being present at the time of delivery.

We also give women the opportunity to learn new skills such as sewing – when these skills are developed we provide them with sewing kits so that they can work and launch a business based on their newly developed tailoring skills.

This greatly supports households where one income is not enough, it also helps women that are victims of domestic violence to break free and support themselves.

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Ramadan 2018

SMT Ramadan Appeal The month of Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar...
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Education for ALL helping children around the world

Education for ALL

63% Donated/£11,034 To Go
SM currently sponsor and support 42 schools, with a total of 3500+ students, some resident...
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Emergency Relief Project

Emergency Relief Project

8% Donated/£457,458 To Go
The Aim of the Emergency Relief Project SMT Trust aims to be the first on...
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