In crisis stricken countries, winter is the most difficult part of the year. The severe cold worsens their current conditions. For many surviving in these extreme weather conditions would be impossible without generous donations from people like you. Providing the bare necessities like a winter blanket is the answer to many prayers.  SMT is working hard to try to alleviate many people of their distress. Help us help them.  As little as £7, can provide a blanket to keep children warm and out of the cold.

A £10 hygiene pack contains basic essentials that every person should have access to.

A parcel of food, costing £30, can help feed a small family throughout winter.

Donate £50 for a full winter pack, containing all of the above and help those who can’t help themselves.

Families across Pakistan, Kashmir, Syria, Yemen and Rohingya refugees need help to survive this winter. Donate a winter Pack to help a family stay warm.