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Zakat is obligatory on every Muslim. It is paid on the net balance after a Muslim has spent on basic necessities, family expenses, due credits, donations and taxes. Every Muslim male or female who at the end of the Hijri year is in possession of wealth equivalent to 85 grammes of gold (which at present is about £600) or more in cash or articles of trade, must pay his or her zakah at the minimum rate of 2.5%.New Project icons Complete set-09

What do you pay Zakat on?

Many of us living in the west may not know of anyone in poverty, to pay our Zakat to, therefore the Zakat Project provides an easy, reliable and secure way of doing so. Save the Mothers Trust will ensure your Zakat will be spent on those that need it the most. People in countries such as Pakistan, Uganda and Ghana (to name a few), do not have access to government funds, decent education or even clean water for that matter. Therefore the vulnerable people (single mothers, widows, the disabled, the elderly etc.) in those communities are left completely to their own devices, Save the Mothers Trust utilises your zakat to help those vulnerable people get access to good healthcare, food, education and other basic necessities.


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