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The organisation’s name, Save the Mothers Trust, reflects our belief that a mother or a motherly figure is the core of every family. Our intention is to provide the correct support and assistance to these mothers and by doing so, we hope to save them and their future generations.

One of our primary aims is to construct small maternity wards in South East Asian and African villages, women and children die due to the lack of skilled midwives being present at the time of delivery. One such hospital is currently operational in the NWFP region of Pakistan and is providing vital services for expecting mothers. We hope, with your generous support, to replicate this in other poverty-stricken areas where such help is needed.

We believe a good education is the most crucial element to become self-sufficient, yet sadly in many parts of the world, this has become a luxury to those less fortunate. Through the generous support and care of the public, Save the Mothers Trust continues to provide resource and assistance to a number of educational institutes for children living in South East Asian and African regions.

We also give women the opportunity to learn new skills such as sewing. Once they are confident, we provide them with sewing kits/equipment, so that they can work for themselves and take the first crucial steps to become independent. This greatly supports women in those households where one income is not enough. It also helps women who are victims of domestic violence to experience a life outside of the abuse.

Food, clean water, and adequate health care are all basic necessities and often taken for granted in first world countries. However, we so often find, such basic human needs are not being met for many men, women, and children in third world countries. In such areas, the lack of these amenities can be the difference between life and death. The trust has set-up life-sustaining projects to provide food packs and clean water to people in need around the world.

These projects are on-going and in need of constant funding so that we can continue to operate and make a real difference to these people’s lives. Our aim is to support countries that do not receive appropriate media coverage.

We are currently working in West Africa (Ivory Coast, Mali, and Burkina Faso), East Africa (DR Congo, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania), Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Syrian refugees and Rohingya refugees.

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