There are many ways in which you can contribute to the cause of helping the needy:

Collections at your local mosque
Contact your local mosque committee and organise a collection after the Jumuah salat (Friday Prayer), or any other gathering that will attract significant numbers of people.

Street collections
Some areas require permits for charitable street collections; contact your local council or police station to find out your local regulations. To collect at private events, speak to the organisers for permission.


Shopping centres
Areas that attract high numbers of public, e.g. a popular tourist spot Events that attract an audience, e.g. a football match or a community fair.

Setting up an event will require good organisation skills, and marketing to attract potential customers/donors. Examples: Sporting tournament, Barbecue, Food fair, Jumble/garage sale.

Before initiating the fund raising activity please call on 01274 270043


Download and send us your filled application form.

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